Saturday 17 June 2017

Nifty Future Trading Sideways in the June 2017 Series

Nifty Future Trading Sideways in the June 2017 Series, India VXI Volatility Index is towards Lows, We Suggest to Wait  for Clear Signals of Trend, If Nifty Hold Levels @ 9500- 9530 The Up Trend May Resume, Any Break down below 9500 can drag nifty towards lower levels @  9300

Friday 2 September 2016

Book Profits in REL CAP @ 530 (23% RETURNS)

We Recommended to Buy Reliance Capital @ 430 on 8-July-2016 (See to the Last Post). Book Profits @ 530 Levels As Target Already Achieved. Markets Look Over strached and Profit booking is Expected now. Over All Markets seems to be Healthy, But Correction is pending Hence Expecting Nifty to Correct. 

Thursday 28 July 2016

Reliance Capital Time to Buy Stock upside 20-25%

Reliance Capital Looks Strong on Charts Time to Buy

Reliance Capital Looks Strong on Weekly chart. Stock has managed to close above Resistance levels @ 425- 430, We Expect  More Upside in Coming Days, Hence we Recommend buy on Reliance Capital for Target 500 and Stoploss 400

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Monday 21 March 2016

Pair Trade- Neutral Strategy (21-March-2016)

We initiated 3 Trades According to Correlation, Z-Score and Pair Spreads Method For More Details Contact 8889465053

Monday 15 February 2016



Below is the Chart of GOLD COMEX, Strong Trend Line Support Lies at 1214$, Today Indian Markets has Opened with Gap Down, And Hence Likely to cover the Gap, Hence we Recommend to Buy GOLD With an Stoploss of 1214$ for the Intraday.

Saturday 24 October 2015



Natural Gas Breakdown from the levels of 155 and is Trading @ 150 levels, We have recommended Our Clients to Sell Natural Gas Positionally below 155 and Booked 50% Profits @ 150 Yesterday (23-Oct-2015)

We have Reasons Why We Gave Sell Call. From The Below Attached Charts Its Very Clear that Natural Gas Broke Major Levels of 155 and Hence Its was an Golden opportunity to Sell.

Tuesday 5 August 2014


We Recommend to Sell Bank Nifty, Seen Bull Run after elections in India, Now we may see some correction in Banking Sector And Hence we Recommend to sell Bank Nifty.

SELL BANK NIFTY @15240-15300
WITH TARGET PRICE @14000- 14200 KEEP SL OF 15700

Tuesday 29 April 2014

(14th April 2014) Weekly Stock Pick Update

On 14th-April-2014 We have Recommended 4 Stock Pick. And Booked Profits in Century Textile and M&M Finance, Also Recommended to hold DR. Reddy and Indusind Bank. Hence Book Awesome Profits in 3 Stock with one Cost Exit: 


3. 100% Target Achieved in DR. REDDY @ 2650. +Rs  73 Per Share

4. Exit Indusind Bank Near to Cost Price @ 493. (NO PROFIT NO LOSS)

Thursday 17 April 2014

Weekly Calls Updates, Recommended on 14-April-2014

Click here To See Our Weekly Stock Picks

1. 100% Target Achieved CENTURY TEXTILE @ 365. +Rs 20/- Share

2. 50% Target Achieved In M&M Finance @ 230.00 +Rs 10/- Share

3. Hold INDUSIND BANK with Recommended SL. Sell Recommended @ 490 Made a low 480.

4. Hold DR. REDDY with Recommended Strategy.

Saturday 12 April 2014

WEEKLY STOCK PICKS- Bet on Best Stock with Profit Play (14-APRIL-2014)

1. SELL CENTURY TEXTILE @ 385.35 SL 405 TG: 365

Trading near to Channel Top, Chance of Strong Reversal is on cards. Any breakout out of Channel Pattern will force us to Re-Analyze Charts. Hence Keep A strict Stoploss of 405 

2. BUY DR. REDDY  (75% QTY) @2577 CMP AND (25% QTY) @ 2530  SL 2450 TG: 2650

Trading Near to Strong horizontal Support @2520- 2530 and a sharp bounce towards higher Level @2580 is Seen in the Stock. Trading at lower End of Channel Pattern. 

3. SELL INDUSIND BANK @ 490 CMP SL 525 TG: 450

On Weekly Charts Strong Resistance @ 510-515 and a huge selling is seen at those levels. Stock may Correct more,  can head towards immediate Support Levels @ 450. Bank Nifty future has not yet broken its Previous highs of year 2008. Nifty future is trading up Approx 300 points from its 2008 highs. Shows Divergence in Nifty and Bank Nifty. Shows weakness in banking Sector.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Is GOLD COMEX Poised for Upside.....??


GOLD COMEX made a double bottom pattern  on weekly Charts, found a Strong Support @1180$ and has retraced towards higher levels @1325$, Fibonacci levels of 23.6% comes out to be 1350$. After a Hefty correction from 1920$ to 1180$ which comes out to be approx. 740$ correction per ounce in last 2.5 years, Now we may see some bounce towards higher levels. Currently Trading @1310- 1315$ which is a strong weekly support zone. In August 2010 from these levels @1310 GOLD saw a strong rally towards 1920$.

Hence we Recommend buy GOLD COMEX till 1310$ (CMP: 1324) with SL of 1285$ and targets of 1350$.

More Upside Can be Seen Till 1350$


The extreme cold of January took a heavy toll on the housing sector including housing starts which plunged 16.0 percent, Which is Negative Signal for the US Economy and hence we may see Buying resuming in Precious Metals
Jobless claims are steady and point to intend readings for the February employment report. Initial claims for the February 15 week, which is also the sample week for the monthly employment report, edged 3,000 lower to 336,000. Which does not proves any Major improvement in US economy.

Friday 21 February 2014


Technical Outlook: 

Trading in a Classical Channel Pattern, On Daily Charts There is Stiff Resistance around 103.50$. Since its a Channel top and There is Resistance on Daily Charts, (i.e. Horizontal Resistance on daily chart and Channel Patter Resistance both Coincide)  it would be feasible to take a Short Position in CRUDE OIL. Relative Strength Index looks overbought on 4 hourly charts and momentum Indicator is also Overbought. Its a confirmation for Selling. Hence We Recommend to Sell WTI CRUDE OIL till 103.50 (CMP: 102.80) keep an stop loss of 104.50 and Targets of 100 $. Risk and Reward Ratio is also favorable in taking short position.

For MCX CRUDE OIL According to International Markets We suggest Sell As after a bull run after a breakout above 6280 has seen no correction in the Rally. Hence We suggest short CRUDE OIL MCX with Stoploss of 6470 for Targets of 6320, Current Market Price 6413 (Closing of 20-Feb-2014)

If trades and Sustains above 104.50 $ Fresh buying may Resume, And Hence Stop loss of 104.50$ would be strongly recommended.

Economic Outlook:

Petroleum inventory data are little changed in the February 14 week with oil inventories up 1.0 million barrels to 362.3 million. Which Suggests Week Demand of Crude oil and Hence we may see some Correction in Prices of Crude oil.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

SILVER Bottomed Out....?? Its Time to Buy...??

Technical View:

Comments and Strategy:

SILVER COMEX after a hefty correction from 49$, Now SILVER is trading Near to 18$ - 20$. There seems to be Strong Accumulation in Silver before a fresh Rally towards Higher Levels from here.

Before a Rally it might be Possible that we see a trap breakdown. Silver COMEX bottom seem to be there.
Even Physical buyers and Investors can bet on SILVER and buy 50% quantity. Any major Correction will be just buying opportunity, buy Rest 50% quantity on a major dip around 16$ levels

Since November 2013 SILVER is trading in a Range of 2$ and Any Breakout after Such an long consolidation is always Bigger and better.

USD-INR can Correct from these Levels @62- 63 and Rupee can Head towards 55/ dollar  in this year. Hence Keep a close watch on currency movement, Stronger Rupee may stop SILVER MCX to head towards Higher levels.

Calls Success by Profit Play

Here We are:
Calls with Good Risk and Reward Ratios, Which can mint Money, Our Main Focus is on Profits not just Accuracy. Just Have a look on our Past Predictions:

1. NATURAL GAS NYMEX (11-DEC-2014) Click here to see NG call

2. CRUDEOIL NYMEX (18-JAN-2014) Click here to See Crudeoil Call

3. GOLD COMEX (18-JAN-2014) Click here to See GOLD Comex Call

Saturday 18 January 2014

CRUDEOIL NYMEX weekly Outlook (20-Jan-2014)

Trading Near to very Crucial Levels @91$, Strong weekly Support lies @91$ and a Sharp bonce back has been seen in Crude-oil from those levels. We have a Positive outlook on Crude-oil till it sustains above 91$. Short Position Can be initiate only below 90$ Hence we Recommend to Go long on CRUDE-OIL on Current levels and buy till 91.50$ with Stop-loss below 90.50$ As Risk and Reward ratio on Going long is high. Reverse Long Position if break 90$ and Closes below it on 4 hourly charts.

Profit Play's Take on CRUDE-OIL:
1.       Buy CRUDE-OIL till 92$ For Targets 100$ with Stop-loss of 90.50$
2.       Sell CRUDE-OIL below 90$ for Targets of 86$ and Stop-loss of 93$

SILVER COMEX Weekly Outlook...!! (20-Jan-2014)

Looks Strong on Weekly Charts, took support @19.00$ previously in July August 2010 Silver has a strong bull run form there levels @19.00$ hence its an very crucial levels. We have a positive outlook on SILVER and we suggest to go long on SILVER COMEX if sustains above immediate levels @20.70$, alternatively one may Go short if Breaks 19$ on Closing basis. A Sharp Correction may be seen if we see a weekly Close below 19$.

Profit Play's Take on SILVER:
1.       Buy SILVER ABOVE 20.70$ For Targets 22.50$ and Stoploss of 20.00$
2.       Sell SILVER only Below 18.80$ For Targets of 17$ and Stoploss of 19.50$

GOLD Weekly View...!!! 2014

In International Markets GOLD took a strong Support @1175- 1180$ and is now trading near to stiff Resistance @1265-1270$. New Bull Phase can be seen in Gold, if weekly close above 1270$. And if unable to sustain @1265- 1270$ Resistance then we may see GOLD again heading towards 1180$,

"Daily Closing Below 1180$" We may see Sharp Correction and Gold may continue its bearish Trend. GOLD is Trading near to very Important and Crucial levels and one may initiate Long GOLD if sustains above 1270$ and If Strong Reversal seen from Those levels then initiate Short Position below 1230$

Profit Play's Take on GOLD:
1.       Buy GOLD ABOVE 1280$ For Targets 1325$ and Stoploss  of 1250$
2.       Sell GOLD BEOW 1230$ For Targets 1180$ and Stoploss of 1245$