Thursday 14 November 2013

MCX CRUDEOIL Strategy For Investors And Swing Players....!!!!

MCX CRUDEOIL Strategy For Investors And Swing Players

MCX CRUDEOIL is Trading Near to Support Levels @5850-5950. And A Fresh Long position Can be Initiated by Commodity Investors and Swing players. Immediate Resistance on Charts is @6175 and Hence Buy Crudeoil @5950 and 5850 with Stoploss of 5780 For Targets of 6175 and More.

1. WTI- CRUDEOIL is Consolidating Between Classical Channel Pattern And Trading Near to the Support of Channel @92-94 $.

2. We Recommend investors and Swing Player to buy Crudeoil.  As at Support Levels Risk and Reward Ratio is Favourable.

3.  If it Breaks Channel Support and Trades below 91$ Reverse your Long Positions and initiate Fresh Position.