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Wednesday 25 November 2020

NIFTY View For Month of DEC-2020

Nifty (Spot/ Cash) Trading at the Higher end of the Rising Wedge. As marked with Red and Green Arrows in the chart below.

 We can see some profit booking in Nifty From here. From here we may see some correction in the market. Bullish if closes above 13200 in the spot, If closes above 13200 we may see rally upto 13500. Till then Stay on the short side with SL 13200 for targets of 12800.


Tuesday 22 September 2020

Nifty Short Term View (22-Sept-2020)

 NIFTY ON 22-SEPT-2020 On the short term basis Trading at support Levels, Till Nifty Future Hold levels of 11090, One Can See some buying in the Market and Nifty Fut Can Head Towards 11250-11300 Levels. 

Once Nifty Future Closes below 11080 We may see sharp correction in the Index future, So As per the Technical Chart Structure Today low 11103 may act as make or break levels. Keep A close watch on the Index moves.

This Post is for Educational purpose, Kindly consult to your Financial adviser before taking any buy or sell decision.

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Is Best Buying Levels to Invest in Indian Stock Markets are Around the Corners?

Is Best Buying Levels to Invest in Indian Stock Markets are Around the Corners?

Nifty Spot touched lows of 2252.75 in October 2008 Crash (U.S. Subprime Crises) And touched the highs of 12430.50 in Jan-2020 (Modi 2.0) - Seen rally of massive 10177.75 points

When we calculate 50% of this 10177.75 Points it come out to be 5088 Points And till today (24-March-2020) Nifty has corrected 4919.4 Points from highs of 12430.50 and Hits low of 7511.10. As per Fibonacci Series 61.8% Extreme Levels comes out to be 6140.65 (Click to read more about Fibonacci numbers : Fibonacci Retracement)

So, for investors its suggested to invest in Top 10 Nifty50 Blue-chip stocks as per the Nifty Spot Level. Invest in 3 Parts- First Part When Nifty Is near 7350- 7550 Levels (50% correction of 10177.75 Points). Second Part when we see further correction around 6150- 6350 Levels (61.8% correction of 10177.75 Points) and Third-Part Hold As cash in your portfolio as per the strategy for the risk management for the extreme levels when market enters depression.

As of now global markets are in fear and no one is suggesting buying so as per the rule of investing these are the best time for long term investments. It’s also said buy when everyone is bearish and Sell when everyone is bullish.

Invest in Top 10 Market Capitalization Companies of Indian Stock Markets:

Tuesday 23 July 2019


Fresh breakdown has been seen in NSE PSUBANK INDEX, SBI leading with fresh breakdown below 346, If sustains below 346 Stock may witness further correction.

Saturday 17 June 2017

Nifty Future Trading Sideways in the June 2017 Series

Nifty Future Trading Sideways in the June 2017 Series, India VXI Volatility Index is towards Lows, We Suggest to Wait  for Clear Signals of Trend, If Nifty Hold Levels @ 9500- 9530 The Up Trend May Resume, Any Break down below 9500 can drag nifty towards lower levels @  9300

Sunday 3 November 2013

Nifty Previous Week Performance (3-Oct-2013)

Recommended buy Nifty Spot On 28-Oct-2013 Monday On Dips and Above 6220. Nifty Made a High Of 6332.60 Target 2 Achieved. @6300 Hope you Booked Superb Profits.

Trading Strategy For The Week Was as Follows
1. Buy NIFTY @6080-6090 TGTS 6250/6300. 
2. Buy NIFTY Above 6220 TGTS 6250/6300

We Provide True Research and There is Nothing Like Premium call, Don't Miss Call
All Our Research and Calls are Trades on which we personally have taken Positions.

Sunday 27 October 2013

NIFTY SPOT (28-OCT-2013)

NIFTY SPOT (28-OCT-2013)

Nifty Index is Trading near to its all time Highs. Bulls are in and Hence Buying at any Major Supports Will be Recommended. Immediate Strong Support @ 6080-6090. Immediate Resistance @6210-6220

Trading Strategy For The Week
1. Buy NIFTY @6080-6090 TGTS 6250/6300
2. Buy NIFTY Above 6220 TGTS 6250/6300

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Nifty Option Call

Buy NIFTY 5300 27 SEPT 2012 PUT @17 Till Expiry.
Target @40  StopLoss- Hold till Expiry.

Investment Rs17*50= Rs850/- + Rs100 brokerage= Rs950/-

Sunday 9 September 2012

Nifty 10-Sept-2012 Trading Plan

Nifty Took Support and Bounce backed
but a gap up opening Gives a Chance to Short Nifty with S/L 5370.

Monday Trading Plan For Nifty:

Nifty Weekly

Nifty Weekly:
Nifty Bounceback From Support Levels Of 5230
and Rises more than 100points from 5230 levels

Thursday 6 September 2012

Nifty Positional

1. One can Expect Bounceback from These Levels .
2. You can Take Position In two Ways with Stop loss as suppot line.
3. If Nifty Breaks Support Take Short Position Or If Bounce back Take a Long Position.