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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Is Best Buying Levels to Invest in Indian Stock Markets are Around the Corners?

Is Best Buying Levels to Invest in Indian Stock Markets are Around the Corners?

Nifty Spot touched lows of 2252.75 in October 2008 Crash (U.S. Subprime Crises) And touched the highs of 12430.50 in Jan-2020 (Modi 2.0) - Seen rally of massive 10177.75 points

When we calculate 50% of this 10177.75 Points it come out to be 5088 Points And till today (24-March-2020) Nifty has corrected 4919.4 Points from highs of 12430.50 and Hits low of 7511.10. As per Fibonacci Series 61.8% Extreme Levels comes out to be 6140.65 (Click to read more about Fibonacci numbers : Fibonacci Retracement)

So, for investors its suggested to invest in Top 10 Nifty50 Blue-chip stocks as per the Nifty Spot Level. Invest in 3 Parts- First Part When Nifty Is near 7350- 7550 Levels (50% correction of 10177.75 Points). Second Part when we see further correction around 6150- 6350 Levels (61.8% correction of 10177.75 Points) and Third-Part Hold As cash in your portfolio as per the strategy for the risk management for the extreme levels when market enters depression.

As of now global markets are in fear and no one is suggesting buying so as per the rule of investing these are the best time for long term investments. It’s also said buy when everyone is bearish and Sell when everyone is bullish.

Invest in Top 10 Market Capitalization Companies of Indian Stock Markets:

Sunday 23 July 2017

Coal India Short Term Target Price @ 290

Coal India has seen a Turn around from the Bottoms and we see stock heading towards higher Levels. In the Last Trading session Stock has seen Short covering and delivery Volumes and Trading Volumes had surged with significant increase in price, We See Stock to Head towards 290 Levels from 250-260 levels, We Recommend to Buy Stock With stoploss of 245 for target Price of 290 

Friday 2 September 2016

Book Profits in REL CAP @ 530 (23% RETURNS)

We Recommended to Buy Reliance Capital @ 430 on 8-July-2016 (See to the Last Post). Book Profits @ 530 Levels As Target Already Achieved. Markets Look Over strached and Profit booking is Expected now. Over All Markets seems to be Healthy, But Correction is pending Hence Expecting Nifty to Correct. 

Thursday 28 July 2016

Reliance Capital Time to Buy Stock upside 20-25%

Reliance Capital Looks Strong on Charts Time to Buy

Reliance Capital Looks Strong on Weekly chart. Stock has managed to close above Resistance levels @ 425- 430, We Expect  More Upside in Coming Days, Hence we Recommend buy on Reliance Capital for Target 500 and Stoploss 400

Tuesday 29 April 2014

(14th April 2014) Weekly Stock Pick Update

On 14th-April-2014 We have Recommended 4 Stock Pick. And Booked Profits in Century Textile and M&M Finance, Also Recommended to hold DR. Reddy and Indusind Bank. Hence Book Awesome Profits in 3 Stock with one Cost Exit: 


3. 100% Target Achieved in DR. REDDY @ 2650. +Rs  73 Per Share

4. Exit Indusind Bank Near to Cost Price @ 493. (NO PROFIT NO LOSS)

Thursday 17 April 2014

Weekly Calls Updates, Recommended on 14-April-2014

Click here To See Our Weekly Stock Picks

1. 100% Target Achieved CENTURY TEXTILE @ 365. +Rs 20/- Share

2. 50% Target Achieved In M&M Finance @ 230.00 +Rs 10/- Share

3. Hold INDUSIND BANK with Recommended SL. Sell Recommended @ 490 Made a low 480.

4. Hold DR. REDDY with Recommended Strategy.

Saturday 12 April 2014

WEEKLY STOCK PICKS- Bet on Best Stock with Profit Play (14-APRIL-2014)

1. SELL CENTURY TEXTILE @ 385.35 SL 405 TG: 365

Trading near to Channel Top, Chance of Strong Reversal is on cards. Any breakout out of Channel Pattern will force us to Re-Analyze Charts. Hence Keep A strict Stoploss of 405 

2. BUY DR. REDDY  (75% QTY) @2577 CMP AND (25% QTY) @ 2530  SL 2450 TG: 2650

Trading Near to Strong horizontal Support @2520- 2530 and a sharp bounce towards higher Level @2580 is Seen in the Stock. Trading at lower End of Channel Pattern. 

3. SELL INDUSIND BANK @ 490 CMP SL 525 TG: 450

On Weekly Charts Strong Resistance @ 510-515 and a huge selling is seen at those levels. Stock may Correct more,  can head towards immediate Support Levels @ 450. Bank Nifty future has not yet broken its Previous highs of year 2008. Nifty future is trading up Approx 300 points from its 2008 highs. Shows Divergence in Nifty and Bank Nifty. Shows weakness in banking Sector.

Sunday 27 October 2013


5 Stock Recommendation For Week.

1. BUY AXIS BANK ON DIPS @1170 SL 1120 TGT 1220


3. SEL HCL TECH BELOW 1135 SL 1145 TGT 1020


 5. BUY SESA GOA ABOVE 196 SL 188 TGT 206