Wednesday 12 February 2014

SILVER Bottomed Out....?? Its Time to Buy...??

Technical View:

Comments and Strategy:

SILVER COMEX after a hefty correction from 49$, Now SILVER is trading Near to 18$ - 20$. There seems to be Strong Accumulation in Silver before a fresh Rally towards Higher Levels from here.

Before a Rally it might be Possible that we see a trap breakdown. Silver COMEX bottom seem to be there.
Even Physical buyers and Investors can bet on SILVER and buy 50% quantity. Any major Correction will be just buying opportunity, buy Rest 50% quantity on a major dip around 16$ levels

Since November 2013 SILVER is trading in a Range of 2$ and Any Breakout after Such an long consolidation is always Bigger and better.

USD-INR can Correct from these Levels @62- 63 and Rupee can Head towards 55/ dollar  in this year. Hence Keep a close watch on currency movement, Stronger Rupee may stop SILVER MCX to head towards Higher levels.

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