Wednesday 2 October 2019

How Can I Master Trading in Stocks and Commodities?

How Can I Master Trading in Stocks and Commodities?

Mastering Technical Analysis is not too easy and not too tough. You need to Train your eyes and master any one patter you love to trade. There are many techniques and methods to trade but I would suggest you to trade manually not via algo. Learn the basis of Technical Analysis and then follow the steps mentioed below:

First Step: Stock Scannig
You need to have a scanner to scan the market i.e. which stocks you want to trade Top Gainer and looser, Volume shockers, Intraday Recovery Stocks, Open Interest Gainer Looser etc.

Second Step: Time Frame and Charting Tool
You need to choose time frame on which you what to trade i.e. Hourly Chart, 15 Min Chart, 5 min Chart or 1 min Chart. This depends on your trading style. I personally Trade on multiple time frame i.e. looking at multiple time frame in one go or one screen. For this you need best charting tools and I would suggest you to use Sharekhan's Trade Tiger or Fyers securities i-dart both are desktop application with many in built scanner which are very helpful for beginners.

Third Step: Money Management, Position Sizing, Trade Management and Accuracy:
You need to master money management i.e. always have a stop-loss while trading and need to have a good risk to reward ratio. Then comes position Sizing where you need to decide how much quantity or lots to trade depending on your PROFIT AND LOSS or you risk capacity. Then comes Trade Management where you can have fixed targets or you may have Trailing stop-loss technique. Always start with half quantity and add quantity when you are winning the trade and keep trailing the Stop loss till your desired profit is reached. Then comes accuracy, be accurate in picking the right stock and right moves this will increase you chance to gaining and earning from Trading.