Wednesday 23 September 2020

CHANA NCDEX Short Term Views

 #CHANA NCDEX (23-Sept-2020)

🟒In the month of August 2017 Touched High of 6428 and in month of June 2018 Touched Low of 3245 Correction of 3183 Points

🟒 When Fibonacci Series (Read on Google to Read more for Fibonacci Series) is placed on from High to low (6428 to 3245)  

🟒 See from the attached Chart CHANA Has crossed 61.8% Fibonacci levels @ 5212 (Short Term Support)

🟒 Fibonacci 50% Level @ 4836.5 will act as strong Support for CHANA from here.

🟒 Now the levels for upside up to 78.6% i.e. @ 5746 is open. Once Sustains above 5212 for 1-2 Weeks We can see Another leg of rally from here.

🟒 Note that Best buying levels for long term i.e. 3-6 Months are 4836.50-4900.

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