Saturday 18 January 2014

CRUDEOIL NYMEX weekly Outlook (20-Jan-2014)

Trading Near to very Crucial Levels @91$, Strong weekly Support lies @91$ and a Sharp bonce back has been seen in Crude-oil from those levels. We have a Positive outlook on Crude-oil till it sustains above 91$. Short Position Can be initiate only below 90$ Hence we Recommend to Go long on CRUDE-OIL on Current levels and buy till 91.50$ with Stop-loss below 90.50$ As Risk and Reward ratio on Going long is high. Reverse Long Position if break 90$ and Closes below it on 4 hourly charts.

Profit Play's Take on CRUDE-OIL:
1.       Buy CRUDE-OIL till 92$ For Targets 100$ with Stop-loss of 90.50$
2.       Sell CRUDE-OIL below 90$ for Targets of 86$ and Stop-loss of 93$

SILVER COMEX Weekly Outlook...!! (20-Jan-2014)

Looks Strong on Weekly Charts, took support @19.00$ previously in July August 2010 Silver has a strong bull run form there levels @19.00$ hence its an very crucial levels. We have a positive outlook on SILVER and we suggest to go long on SILVER COMEX if sustains above immediate levels @20.70$, alternatively one may Go short if Breaks 19$ on Closing basis. A Sharp Correction may be seen if we see a weekly Close below 19$.

Profit Play's Take on SILVER:
1.       Buy SILVER ABOVE 20.70$ For Targets 22.50$ and Stoploss of 20.00$
2.       Sell SILVER only Below 18.80$ For Targets of 17$ and Stoploss of 19.50$

GOLD Weekly View...!!! 2014

In International Markets GOLD took a strong Support @1175- 1180$ and is now trading near to stiff Resistance @1265-1270$. New Bull Phase can be seen in Gold, if weekly close above 1270$. And if unable to sustain @1265- 1270$ Resistance then we may see GOLD again heading towards 1180$,

"Daily Closing Below 1180$" We may see Sharp Correction and Gold may continue its bearish Trend. GOLD is Trading near to very Important and Crucial levels and one may initiate Long GOLD if sustains above 1270$ and If Strong Reversal seen from Those levels then initiate Short Position below 1230$

Profit Play's Take on GOLD:
1.       Buy GOLD ABOVE 1280$ For Targets 1325$ and Stoploss  of 1250$
2.       Sell GOLD BEOW 1230$ For Targets 1180$ and Stoploss of 1245$