Sunday 27 October 2013

GOLD AND SILVER COMEX Weekly Analysis (28-Oct-2013)

We Recommend to long GOLD COMEX above 1360$ for target of 1400$ with Stoploss of 1340$ Alternatively Go Short below 1325$ for Targets of 1300$ with Stoploss of 1345$
Trading Strategy: 
GOLD COMEX has stiff resistance @1355-1360$ levels. Markets Looks to be in Favor of Bulls and it Seems that Gold will breach its Immediate resistance Levels. Next Minor Resistance Level  that GOLD COMEX faces is @1370 and a Next Major Resistance is @1400$ which would also act as an psychological Level for GOLD. Alternatively if Unable to cross Resistance of 1355$ you may see Sell off below 1330$-1325$ and it can Head towards 1300$ mark.
We Recommend to initiate Long Position above 22.90$ for Target of 23.65$ and also buy at any Correction @22.10$. Stoploss should be maintained below 21.70$.
Trading Strategy: 
SILVER COMEX has formed classical double bottom pattern in a down trend and trading near to immediate Resistance Levels @22.85$ if SILVER COMEX crosses the levels of 22.85$ it may head towards higher levels @23.65$ Alternatively fresh long Position can also be initiated at lower levels around 22.10$.