Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Is Best Buying Levels to Invest in Indian Stock Markets are Around the Corners?

Is Best Buying Levels to Invest in Indian Stock Markets are Around the Corners?

Nifty Spot touched lows of 2252.75 in October 2008 Crash (U.S. Subprime Crises) And touched the highs of 12430.50 in Jan-2020 (Modi 2.0) - Seen rally of massive 10177.75 points

When we calculate 50% of this 10177.75 Points it come out to be 5088 Points And till today (24-March-2020) Nifty has corrected 4919.4 Points from highs of 12430.50 and Hits low of 7511.10. As per Fibonacci Series 61.8% Extreme Levels comes out to be 6140.65 (Click to read more about Fibonacci numbers : Fibonacci Retracement)

So, for investors its suggested to invest in Top 10 Nifty50 Blue-chip stocks as per the Nifty Spot Level. Invest in 3 Parts- First Part When Nifty Is near 7350- 7550 Levels (50% correction of 10177.75 Points). Second Part when we see further correction around 6150- 6350 Levels (61.8% correction of 10177.75 Points) and Third-Part Hold As cash in your portfolio as per the strategy for the risk management for the extreme levels when market enters depression.

As of now global markets are in fear and no one is suggesting buying so as per the rule of investing these are the best time for long term investments. It’s also said buy when everyone is bearish and Sell when everyone is bullish.

Invest in Top 10 Market Capitalization Companies of Indian Stock Markets:

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Crude Oil NYMEX ?? Is it Right time to buy Crude, Below is the Answer:

Sharp sell off has been across the globe and one of the beaten down consumable commodity is CRUDEOIL, As per the technical study and pattern, structure of NYMEX Crude is trading descending triangle. Currently trading near 25$ Per barrel and it can bottom out between 24$ to 22$.

Buying CRUDEOIL on MCX exchange when NYMEX trades between 24- 22$ provides comfort as far as risk and reward rations are concerned. 

Recommendation: One can go Long on Crude oil when NYMEX Prices trades between 22-24$ With Stoplosss 19.50$ and Targets of 35-40$ in the next few months.

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