Sunday, 4 November 2012

Short Term Call

Buy 3i Infotech above 8.5 with S/L 6.5 TGT 13-15

3i Infotech is being Accumulated at every Draw Down and Trading near All time Lows because of its Fundamentals but Technical Study Suggest There can be a big Price moment on Upside in Coming Days.

Watch Out Volume and Price Movements marked with Arrows on The Charts It can be Clearly understood.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Short Term Call

Buy And Hold APOLLO TYRES Above 89.9 TGT 110 S/L 84

As Today On 2-Nov-2012 Company Will Post its Second Quater Results
And are Exptected to be Robust so Technically and Fundamently
APOLLOTYRES is a Good Pick.

Note: IF Today Open with GAP UP At Higher Levels Try to Accumulate
Stock at each drawdown. Or Other wise buy as Suggested above.

Short Term Call

TGT-1 : 265
TGT-2 : 270
Stoploss : 239

LICHSGFIN is Trading near Support Trend Line and Can Bounce back From These Levels.
Should be Bought With Time Frame of 15days. Nifty is Correcting From higher Levels and LICHSGFIN Can Also Break Support Levels So Trade With Tight Stoploss.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Short Term Call

Buying opportunity in OPTO CIRCUIT Have Look at charts:

Short Term Call

Buy AUROPHARMA Above 166 S/L 152 TGT 185
Sell AUROPHARMA Beow 152 S/L 166 TGT 135